May 15, 2020

Dear Members,


In light of Governor Hogan's May 13 order that private clubs remain closed, and Prince George's County Administrator Alsobrooks' statement that the County will not follow the state into Phase One, it is clear - and unfortunate - that we will not be in a position to open next weekend as we normally would.  We wanted to let members know this and also provide further updates on our planning and decision-making.


  • 3-week lead time for opening.  We have determined that we need a 3-week lead time from the time of a government “open” announcement to adequately prepare the grounds and employees based on whatever guidance may be issued.  Thus, you can use this as a rule of thumb.  For example, if the government issues an “open” order on June 1, we expect to be open not later than June 22, and so forth.  Of course, we may be able to open in less than 3 weeks, and we will if possible, but 3 weeks is our basic planning horizon from open order to being open.

  • What social distancing and other guidelines will apply?  We cannot say at this point what “open” will look like, as we have not received government guidance on social distancing, maximum capacity/gathering size, and other requirements.  But, if we are allowed to open, you can anticipate that all of the usual social distancing and safety rules we have become familiar with will be in force.  We are already discussing ways to implement distancing.  It will be difficult, if not impossible.  We will rely heavily on members to self-police.  We may have to implement new procedures to apply capacity constraints. We may not be able to open the snack bar with its usual full operations, due to the small space in which employees would have to work.  We’re looking at every aspect of our operations and have not made any final decisions.  I regret that we can’t provide more clarity at this time.  Know that we are watching all the government orders, reviewing CDC guidance for swimming pools, are in contact with other pools in our region, and are working with our management company, Lighthouse, on all aspects of these considerations.

  • Decision date for season cancellation/pivot to capital improvement plans.  We will follow the 3-week approach until July 4.  If the government has not issued an open order by then, or set a clear timetable and guidelines for opening date for facilities like ours, then we will cancel the season and pivot to working on major capital improvements to the snack bar and main bathhouse/locker rooms as outlined in our long-range plan so that they can be ready for the 2021 season.  We chose July 4 since it is 2 weeks ahead of July 18th, the midpoint of the summer.  This is after the date that the Prince-Mont swim league has stated it can hold a season.  In the event we invoke this option, we will likely remain closed for the remainder of the season, even if the Governor or County Administrator subsequently issue an open order.

  • Tennis may open soon.  Based on government guidance, we hope to be able to open the tennis courts soon - please watch for further announcements.

  • Dues payment.  We appreciate your paying your full dues, or taking advantage of the payment plan or freeze option, by May 31.  You should have received your hard-copy letter this week with instructions for paying via our payment portal.  If you did not receive the letter, please contact


We hate to be the bearer of disappointing news, as we all look forward to enjoying the pool this summer as much as you.  We continue to hope and plan to do all in our power to open if and when circumstances allow.  At the same time, we hold the health and safety of all members and our employees as our top priority, followed closely by member enjoyment and delivering that special Cheverly experience.


Please let me or any member of the Board know if you have questions.


On behalf of the entire Board, please stay safe, and thanks for your understanding and patience.


Nathan Darling

CSRC President

Membership Freeze – 2020 only

In response to member concerns over COVID-19, the Board authorized a 2020 Membership Freeze payment of $325 for those members who prefer not to use the pool this season, regardless of whether it opens.  This $325 represents the significant annual expenses related to pool operations such as property taxes, insurance, accounting fees, property repair, and maintenance, etc. 

Freezing your membership means that you will not have access to the pool or club facilities during the 2020 season, but your membership status and equity will remain intact, and we will welcome you back next season.  As the summer evolves, if you decide you’d like to return to the pool, payment of the remaining $300 will restore access.

If you would like to take advantage of the membership freeze for the 2020 season, please send an email to and state your intention. 


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