We strongly encourage you to read all the information posted under the “Summer 2020” tab of our website, including each page of the drop-down menu. This way, you will know what to expect this summer.


Dear Members,
The summer continues to go quite well, and we are all grateful to have the pool as a respite from these hot, hot days.  Please see some significant updates below, and please plan to join us via Zoom this Thursday, July 23, at 7:30 pm for our open Board meeting (we're holding the entire meeting virtually).  At Thursday's meeting, we will make a brief presentation of our long-range plan, financial situation, and some other items before opening the floor to member comments and questions.  You can join the meeting via Zoom at 842 4604 4288,  password 279637 or via the following link: 

Meeting ID: 842 4604 4288
Passcode: 279637

(via phone - one-tap mobile)
Or dial in 1.312.626.6799; meeting 842 4604 4288 password 279637
We will record the meeting for future viewing by those who may miss it.
Check-in and Pictures: New Location  -  In early August, instead of our usual canopy located outside the entrance gate, we are moving to a smaller area inside the gate (still by the snack bar). This new location serves as a place for members to check-in, as well as update their membership pictures.

Expanded Morning Lap Swim Hours - Beginning Monday, July 27, morning lap time will be M-F from 6-8:30 am. No advanced registration required. In consideration of others, if you notice people waiting, please limit your swim to 45 minutes.
Earlier Tuesday and Thursday Pool Hours - Begining Tuesday, July 28, we will be opening at 10 am every Tuesday and Thursday only!  On these two days, this session (class) begins at 10 am and finishes at 2 pm.  This change does not affect the subsequent session schedules on those days.
Social Distancing and Safety Reminder:  Parents, Please Help Us! - We continue to hear concerns that children and teenagers are not correctly observing social distancing in the water, that parents are not supervising small children to ensure distancing, and that children are playing games and running into others, or otherwise making it difficult to keep a safe distance or exit the pool easily.  We have asked our guard staff to be more vigilant in these situations, but we need to be able to rely on parents to look after your kids and reinforce our rules for everyone's safety.
Touchless Water Bottle Filler and Vending Machine Coming - We have ordered a touchless water bottle filler and vending machine (that takes credit cards and mobile pay) so that members will have some refreshment options in this and future seasons.  These should be in place in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, remember that it's picnic day every day (and Friday night BYOB happy hour)!  Members may bring food and drinks to consume on the grounds.  NO GLASS AT ANY TIME EVER!!
Guests and Childcare Providers - As a reminder, only Cheverly members may use the pool this season (i.e., no guests).  Members may bring other members' children as long as they are registered.  Likewise, members who register and pay for their childcare provider (i.e., nannies) may have their childcare provider bring members' children and other children in their care (even if not members) once registered.  

We have heard that some families are abusing the childcare provider option by registering (or just arriving with) children who are not part of a consistent nanny/sitter share.  Doing so is against the rules of the childcare provider option and will subject the member to disciplinary proceedings if discovered.  
COVID-19 Protocols - Several members have asked about our protocol for notifying members in the event that another member or staff person contracts COVID-19, and also whether they should inform the Club if they themselves contract COVID-19 or symptoms.  The short answer, as listed in the member agreement and as posted at the pool entrance, is that we have taken the specified precautions but cannot guarantee a risk-free environment.  Thus, members use the Club at their own risk.  All Club and Lighthouse pools employees complete a written health screening daily.  No one with COVID-19, COVID-19 symptoms, or exposure to someone with a confirmed case or who has traveled to an area subject to quarantine or travel restrictions by other states should enter the Club.  We ask members to advise us if they have a confirmed case or symptoms of COVID-19 within two weeks of visiting the pool.  Depending on the circumstances, we will consult with local health authorities and will do our best (as appropriate and with respect for privacy laws) to notify members who may be impacted.  However, we hope you understand that we cannot guarantee we will be able to take any specific course of action.
Update Your Contact Information - Closer to season end, CSRC is switching to a more flexible and customized email system, integrated with our membership portal program. This change means that we will stop using Mailchimp for pool updates and announcements. Communication is dependent upon valid emails and phone numbers for notifications to both the primary (four-digit number) member and the other Head of Household (HOH). Fortunately, most dashboard profile changes and updates are simple.

  • On the left-hand menu, click on My Account > Manage Profile. Double-check that all your contact info is correct. If it is not, please update your information.

For those that continue to have issues, please email chevpooltreasurer@gmail.com.  Send name changes, or family adds to chevpooldata@gmail.com.
Thanks again for your cooperation in making this season fun and safe for everyone.
Your CSRC Board

Photo Credit: CSRC Board President, Nathan Darling


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