November 9, 2020

Dear CSRC Members,

It seems like just yesterday, and also an eternity in the past, we were enjoying the last days of the pool season.  September and October have “zoomed” by, and we hope you and your families are safe and well.  Your CSRC Board continues to work in the offseason to improve our Club.  Please note the following postseason items, including, in particular, during this season of voting, our upcoming member survey, and Board elections.


  • Member survey.  You will soon receive, via a separate email, a SurveyMonkey survey about numerous aspects of our Club, including long-range capital improvements.  Please give this survey your attention and respond.  While not a formal member “vote,” your views will inform the Board’s decision making on several items discussed in the survey. If any member family did not receive a survey by Monday, November 16, please verify the email in your member profile and message with any corrections.

  • Board elections.  Each year, the three-year terms of several Board members conclude.  We invite any member in good standing to consider running for the Board.  This year, Dave Kneipp, Jen Eldridge, and Charlie Correia’s terms conclude.  They have indicated a willingness to continue serving, so will stand for re-election via our online election to be held in Mid-November.  If you would like to submit your name for the election or learn more about the process or what is involved in Board service, please contact CSRS President Nathan Darling ( / 202.459.3843 cell) or any other Board member.

  • Tennis Courts Remain Open.  Our Har-Tru courts remain open for play through the weekend after Thanksgiving, though the clay courts are closed.  Access the courts is via the gate past the snack bar. Walk around the clay court lines and please do not cut diagonally across the clay to get to the exit gate.  Play is at your own risk - there is no staff on site.  Also, please remove any trash and dress the court when finished. Once courts are locked for the season, members may still access the Har-Tru courts and field areas by contacting

  • Diversity & Inclusion Task Force.  The Board has formed a diversity & inclusion task force to explore ways to ensure we are doing all we can and should do to promote diversity and inclusion in our membership and every aspect of our operations.  Task Force members include Heather Smith, Dave Kneipp, Jen Eldridge, Kendra Brown, Abel Olivo, and Nathan Darling.  Stay tuned for more updates on this topic.

  • Member audit.  We will conduct a member audit this fall and anticipate revising the definitions of membership to make them more inclusive (e.g., to recognize different family structures, etc.).  Stay tuned for more on this, but we may ask you to verify some information about your membership and household.

  • New email communications platform.  We will be discontinuing MailChimp in favor of the Jonas system that we successfully used all season long for registration and payments.  Please watch for a test email in November and send an email to if you do not receive a text message by November 25.

  • Portal Account Balances.  Member account balance corrections will post before the year-end.  This is a manual process that takes some time. And includes:

    • Correction of dues posting ($590/615) that occurred before the adjusted ($550) amount was established.  The amount paid above $550/560 will appear as an unapplied credit until next season's dues posting.

    • Reversal of dues posted ($590/600 or $615/625) if members elected to freeze ($325).  The unpaid invoice amount will be reversed, and your account balance will be reduced to -0-. 

    • Application of credit for canceled/mistaken guest charges.  In a typical season, we do not refund day of entry fees, but due to COVID, some cancellations were allowed.  Members would have already discussed these with the Treasurer.

  • 2021 Dues.  Once the Board has approved the 2021 dues amount, members may begin making full or partial payments by check or credit card  January 1- May 31, 2021.  Dues not paid in full by June 1 will increase by an additional $10. Once corrections have been completed, members will be advised via email.  After that notice, please review your account and email with any concerns.

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