Pool Rules

These regulations are adopted by the Board of Directors to protect the health and safety of the members, their families and their guests and regulate the conduct of individuals in such a way as to provide maximum enjoyment of Club facilities for all.


The Club manager and staff are authorized to enforce these rules in a consistent and impartial manner. Penalties for infractions of these rules are provided in the By-laws of the Club.

Property damage or other expenses stemming from violations of these rules by a member, a member’s child or his guest will be charged to the member. The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

  • Members will be admitted to the Club after they have had their membership tag swiped at the front desk and the desk clerk has verified active membership. If a member has not paid their current dues they will not be allowed into the facility. Members may sign in for minor children.

  • All children under ten years of age must be accompanied into the Club by an individual who is sixteen years of age or older. The older individual must provide careful supervision for younger children, particularly in the water.

  • Use of the wading pool is restricted to children not yet six years of age.

  • Pets are not allowed on Club property during the pool season, nor are they to be tied to the fences.

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on Club property, with the exception of Adult Nights. Intoxicated persons shall be denied admission to the Club.

  • Admission to the pool shall be denied to any person having a contagious skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, upper respiratory infection, nasal or ear discharge, any communicable disease, excessive sunburn or open sores.

  • Glass containers are prohibited inside the Club enclosure.

  • Members and their guests are to use trash receptacles and recycling bins when discarding waste materials.

  • Running, rough play, or other objectionable personal conduct on Club property is prohibited. Any individual who uses objectionable language or engages in improper actions may be suspended or expelled.

  • All eating is restricted to the patio area adjoining the snack bar at all times. Exceptions are only on Sundays and all others will be posted. Food and drinks may not be purchased for consumption outside the pool area.

  • Toys and other articles constituting a safety or health hazard are not permitted in the pools. Floatation devices of any kind are not allowed in the Main Pool, exceptions would be Float Mornings, Ice Cream Night and Hot Dog Nights. This does not include the use of approved water masks in the Main Pool. Swim fins and kick board use is restricted to the lap lanes. The Club management reserves the right to restrict the use of these articles at any time.

  • Only one person will be permitted on the diving board, ladders, slide at one time. Excessive bouncing on the boards is prohibited. Landing area of diver or slider must remain clear of swimmers. All divers and sliders must exit the pool via the ladders.


  • Any Club member who trespasses or is on the Club property at times not authorized by the Board of Directors is subject to a fifty dollar fine for the first offense. Until the fine is paid, no member of that family membership is allowed access to Club facilities. If the fine is not paid within 15 days of the offense, further disciplinary action will be taken against the membership. Continued offenses or an offense resulting in damage to or theft of Club property will result in higher fines, restitution, suspension, expulsion and/or prosecution under the law.


  • Activities which damage trees and shrubs are prohibited.


  • Any member who knowingly permits a guest to gain entrance to the Club under false pretenses is subject to suspension or expulsion.


  • GUEST PRIVILEGES – Members may invite their guests to use Club facilities. All guests must be accompanied by a member who will register the guest and pay the required guest fee. Guest’s fees are not refundable. Guest policies are established annually by the Board.


  • Individuals taking sports equipment (shuffleboard, ping pong, etc.) from the desk are responsible for its return, in good condition to the desk.


  • Cut-offs (pants cut off to substitute for a swimsuit) are not allowed.


  • Bathers must stay clear of lifeguard chairs and must not engage guards in conversation while they are on duty.

  • The pool will be cleared during heavy rains or electrical storms.  At the first sound of thunder the pool will close for thirty minutes, at the first sight of lightening the pool will close for forty-five minutes and will remain closed for forty-five minutes after the last sighting of lightening. The pool may be closed at any time, at the discretion of the Manager.

  • All State and County regulations with regard to pool operation will be strictly adhered to.

  • A fifteen minute break will be called every hour at quarter to the hour. This time is considered Adult Swim, no children are allowed in either the Main Pool or the Baby Pool during Adult Swim. The only exception to this is hand-held infants (1 year old maximum) with an adult are allowed in the Main Pool.

  • Circular swimming is to be used in the designated lap lanes when more than two swimmers are in a lane. Circular swimming affords the bet utilization of space. Swimmers swim in a counterclockwise motion, up one side of the lane and back the other. The stripes on the pool’s bottom serve as midlines in the lanes set off by the lane markers.

  • This Club is a NON SMOKING facility.

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