Due to Covid-19, the below may not be available for the summer of 2020 or will be highly restricted.  As of now, we will only have a limited and non league affiliated swim team season that is only open to returning members, ages 7 and above, from the 2019 Dolphins team.  We also will not be doing stroke and turn clinics or have Guppies and Minnows lessons this year. ​

Swimmer & Family Responsibilities

Please note the pool is not open during the morning practice and therefore, only swimmers, coaches and club employees are permitted on the pool deck and pool grounds and other areas at the foot of the stairs before the pool opens at 11:00 AM.



Swimmer Responsibilities


  • Attend as many practices as possible

  • Make the morning practice a priority

  • Be on time

  • Be respectful of coaches and fellow swimmers at all times


Note: A coupon for a free Pancake Breakfast is awarded to swimmers who attend at least five (5) practices/week. A Season Bar award patch is only awarded to swimmers who attend at least 15 full practices/season. Coaches take practice attendance.


Swim Meets

  • Check-in with coaches at the specified arrival time

  • Stand respectfully for the Nation Anthem

  • Be ready for your events

  • Stay in team area

  • Cheer for teammates

  • Stay for the entire meet

  • Help clean-up afterwards


Family Responsibilities


  • Get your swimmer(s) to practice on time

  • Make morning practice a priority

  • Wait in the Snack Bar area during morning practice

  • Do not access the pool deck, grounds, or baby pool during morning practice


Swim Meets

  • Stay for the entire swim meet to cheer on the team

  • Supervise your children at meets and team activities

  • Encourage healthy snacks and a good night’s rest before meets

  • Notify the coaches of swimmer availability for Saturday meets at the beginning of the season

  • Use TeamSnap to sign up for each meet


Volunteer to be one of the following at our swim meets:

  • sales of spirit-wear, swim accessories, food

  • awards and ribbons

  • lane timers

  • stroke and turn officials

  • clerk of course

  • data manager

  • meet manager

  • announcer


Contribute to our activities such as:

  • pancake breakfast

  • team parties

  • team banquet

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