Scheduling Instructions


Email & Head of Household (HOH) Reminders
The class enrollment system is dependent upon valid emails for notifications to both the primary (four-digit number) member and the other Head of Household (HOH).  Additionally, every adult in your membership who wants the capability to reserve pool time needs to be designated as Head of Household.  

  • On the left-hand menu, click on My Account > Manage Family.

  • Every adult in your membership who wants the capability to reserve pool time needs Head of Household designation. Click on the name and then click the Head of Household toggle button to the "ON" position. (Any additional adult that is designated as Head of Household will need to sign in to their portal to verify their information.)

  • On the left-hand menu, click on My Account > Manage Profile. Double-check that all your contact info is correct. If it is not, please update your information.

Most dashboard profile changes are simple.  For those that continue to have issues, please email  Send name changes, or family adds to


Session Scheduling Update
Effective immediately, members can enroll in as many as four sessions (classes) per Monday -Sunday week, with no more than one scheduled for the weekend. Previously, we allowed no more than three M-F sessions, plus one on the weekend. For those that do not wish to schedule a weekend session, this change enables members to schedule all four allowable sessions during the M-F weekdays.
Reservation and Cancellation Refresher
Though not perfect, our scheduling system is integral in keeping members safe during these times of COVID-19.


  • The primary member or head of household (once designated) may enroll in classes (sessions) where all family members can be selected.

  • One may enroll in a class at any time before it begins.

  • Golden Guests have a separate class designation. These long-time members no longer pay seasonal dues and are required to pay on a session by session basis. Please do not enroll in this class if it does not apply to you.

  • Even if the class is full, members may still reserve a time. When doing so, the system asks if you want to continue with Standby.  If you select yes and that session has cancellations, the system automatically notifies you if you have moved up from Standby status. If your email is not correct, you will not receive this notification. Notifications may also get filtered into your junk mailbox instead.

  • Make sure you continue through the full enrollment process to reach the SUCCESS screen notification. You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation. No printed copy necessary.


  • Each adult member can be unenrolled by logging onto their individual dashboard, selecting and opening the class, then clicking unenroll. The primary member cannot unenroll the other adult member as the reservation (once made) resides on the individual's record.

  • A glitch in the system prevents children from being unenrolled. We cannot resolve the problem until after our season ends, so to cancel your child's reservation, please email

  • Please unenroll adults before emailing us to unenroll your children. The extra lead time helps speed things along.

Additional instructions for Golden Guests –

Golden Guests have separate classes (time slots) so that the fee may be charged.


After you select the session you want to attend, you will be prompted to pay the guest fee.

A credit card can be entered for onetime use or saved in your profile for the future.

As a Golden Guest, if you have any trouble or need help signing in, please contact and Becky will help you.

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