Member Fees

One time equity payment

  • $925 per family 

  • It is most often split into two payments, one of $465 when you become a seasonal member, and one of $460 when you become a full member.

  • This equity payment is reimbursed to you when you resign, in a prorated form. (The club keeps 5% per year not to exceed 50%.)

Annual Dues

  • $625 per family (2020 season)

  • Family is defined as (a). people related to the member by blood or marriage and who permanently reside in the member’s home and (b). people living with the member and legally or financially dependent upon the member.


Childcare Provider Fee

Nanny Fee of $200 per season pertains to families who wish to include a Nanny on their membership for access to the pool.  Nannies are able to access the pool with the member children and can bring up to 2 additional non-member children who need to pay applicable guest fee. 

Non-Member babysitters must be 18 years old in order to accompany member children to the pool and need a signed note from the Member to enter pool.  Applicable Guest Fee applies to the babysitter. 

  • A childcare provider can bring your children to the pool in your absence

  • $200 per childcare provider

  • $75 per child who is NOT in your family but will be attending the pool with your childcare provider

Membership Freeze – 2020 only

In response to member concerns over COVID-19, the Board authorized a 2020 Membership Freeze payment of $325 for those members who prefer not to use the pool this season, regardless of whether it opens.  This $325 represents the significant annual expenses related to pool operations such as property taxes, insurance, accounting fees, property repair, and maintenance, etc. 

Freezing your membership means that you will not have access to the pool or club facilities during the 2020 season, but your membership status and equity will remain intact, and we will welcome you back next season.  As the summer evolves, if you decide you’d like to return to the pool, payment of the remaining $300 will restore access.

If you would like to take advantage of the membership freeze for the 2020 season, please send an email to and state your intention. 

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