Guppies and Minnows

The Guppy team is our developmental swim team designed for new and young swimmers, approximately 5 to 10 years old. This team helps bridge swimmers from swim lessons to being ready for the Dolphins team. The Guppy team concentrates on stroke technique and helps swimmers build lap endurance. We will not have a Guppy team this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

This fun and less demanding team is a great way to introduce young swimmers to being on a team and regular practice. No team suit is needed, and no family involvement is expected.

Guppy Team Practice

The Guppy Team normally practices for three weeks, and swimmers can select which week(s) they want to attend. (Weekly, mid/late June through early July.) 

Guppy Team Registration & Fees

Guppy team fees are $50 per week per each swimmer. 

Minnows Swim Lessons

The Minnows is a group swim lesson for younger swimmers not yet ready for Guppies -- children that are getting comfortable in the water and are eager to swim laps with the big kids! (Weekly, mid/late June through early July.) We will not be offering Minnows swim lessons this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please note: The Minnows lessons have limited space and fill up quickly! Full members are given priority to sign up, followed by seasonal members, and then other membership types.


Minnows Registration & Fees

The fee for the Minnow group less is $50 per week per swimmer. 

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