Full Membership Renewal or Resignation


Members must renew their memberships and pay the annual dues without penalty by May 1. Those who pay before April 1 each are entitled to a dues reduction that is set by the Board of Directors.  Members that want to resign their memberships can use this form to make the request “in writing”, as is required by the Club’s bylaws.

Renewing members must:

  • Return completed form, regardless of payment type

  • Pay dues before May 1, to avoid penalty and to be allowed entry on the Pool’s Opening Day

    • Pay via check and send with completed form; envelope must be postmarked before May 1


    • Pay online; payment confirmation must be dated before May 1

      • Log on using the last 4 digits of your phone number in both fields

      • See full Instructions

  • Payments postmarked or paid online before April 1, are entitled to a dues reduction that is set by the Board of Directors


Resigning Members:

  • Must mail or drop off completed form with original signature, postmarked before June 1 to avoid a 5% reduction of equity, to the Club

  • Will receive a return of equity check, calculated based on the Club’s formula, within 30 – 90 days from receipt of the resignation

  • Should not email the resignation letter, as an original signature is required, as described in the Club’s bylaws

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