Q:  How many time slots am I allowed to sign up for?
 A:  At this time, we are asking our members to only sign up for three weekdays and a one weekend slot per week.  If the capacity guidelines loosen up, we will make adjustments to increase everyone's pool time.

 Q:  How far ahead can I reserve pool time?
 A - Pool times can be reserved 7 days in advance.

 Q:  What if my plans change?  Can I make changes or updates?
 A:  Changes to reservations can be made up to 2 hours before your reserved pool time.  However, please be aware that if you cancel, it's there may not be any openings to switch to.

 Q:  I've signed up for my 3-hour time slot, but I only plan to go for one hour.  Is that OK? 
 A:  Of course, that's fine.  Your time slot is yours; arriving late and/or leaving early is not a problem.

 Q:  What if I have problems reserving my time slot?
 A:  Contact chevpoolres@gmail.com, and someone will help you.

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