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Cheverly, MD 20785

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On behalf of the Board of Directors, Managers, and Staff, I want to welcome you to the 2019 Cheverly pool season! I also would like to highlight just a few of the many improvements we have accomplished in the off season – some more visible than others but all to enhance your experience and enjoyment of the pool.

• New slide! We hope everyone will enjoy our new twisty slide! Thanks to Operations Board Member Dawn Daggett, Engineering Chair Dave Kneipp, and our Pool Manager Shannon Peters for choosing this fun new enhancement to the pool.
• New pathways! Working with the Chesapeake Bay Trust’s Rain Check Rebate Program that defrayed a significant portion of the cost, Dave Kneipp oversaw the installation of some awesome permeable pavement pathways that should make foot traffic safer and cleaner in high-volume areas, and that reduce stormwater runoff.
• New Energy-Efficient LED Lighting! Dave Kneipp worked with PEPCO to install energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the complex that will reduce our electric costs and our carbon footprint.
• New Lockers, Tile! Dawn Daggett has overseen some basic upgrades to the mens and womens locker rooms. We have grander plans for the future, but until a larger renovation we have been trying to respond to member requests to make locker room improvements every year.
• New Bylaws! Ok, this is one of the more boring items, but the bylaw changes will allow members to vote electronically in the future, among many other things. Stay tuned for updates to member policies to align with the bylaws. 
• “Happy Hour Fridays” (BYOB). We will expand our pilot program begun last season to allow members (21 and over!) to bring and consume alcoholic beverages at the pool every Friday evening, 5pm-close. Fridays only! NO GLASS CONTAINERS!! We continue to seek your feedback on this issue. Please contact President Nathan Darling, Board Member Abel Olivo, or any Board member with your comments and questions. 
• New Website! Thanks to Board Vice President Megan Daly the pool website underwent a complete overhaul (sorry we went dark for a month earlier this spring!). The website is a primary hub for information and communication, as are our emails and Facebook page. 
• Upgraded Member Software and Payment Portal! Thanks to everyone who paid their dues online via our new payment portal. The new portal, also implemented by Megan Daly, is part of a larger technology upgrade that we are in the midst of to enable more seamless payments, registration, and check in. Thanks for your continued patience while we move to more modern processes. Look for more details soon!
• New Drink Mugs with $1.00 refills! Abel Olivo has produced Cheverly drink mugs to purchase at the snack bar. Once you have purchased your mug, you can enjoy $1.00 drink refills all summer long. This will also help us cut down on the amount of trash we produce.

What hasn’t changed, you ask? The awesome family spirit of the pool, the natural beauty of the grounds (thanks to Board member Jen Allen Eldridgeand the many volunteers who have helped with the work program!), our great swim and tennis programs (thank you Board members Kendra Brown(Swim) and Jeanne Jeanne 'Birdie' Robinson (Tennis)), and our vibrant, diverse community of members (thank you Board membership chair Becky Fleeson and Secretary Sunshine Sunshine Phebus Whiting for your work to maintain our member records).

We have accomplished the above while holding dues constant thanks to careful financial management of the Club (thank you Treasurer John LeGloahec and Board Member/Finance Guru Charlie Correia). We thank members for their patience as we make these improvements. Our Long-Range Planning Committee has developed some even greater visions that we look forward to sharing with you later this summer to get your feedback.


Lastly, we continue to welcome your ideas for improvements and suggestions for how we can provide a better member experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me ( or any Board member (see below), or one of our management team members with questions, comments, concerns, or compliments! Send general emails to

I look forward to seeing you around the pool this summer!

Nathan Darling

Board Members
Nathan Darling, President 
Megan Daly, Vice President, Communications 
Sunshine Whiting, Secretary
John LeGloahec, Treasurer
Kendra Brown, Swim Team
Charlie Correia, Activities, Finance/Risk Management
Dawn Daggett, Operations 
Jen Eldridge, Grounds
Becky Fleeson, Membership
Dave Kneipp, Engineering
Abel Olivo, Snack Bar
Jeanne Robinson, Tennis

Management Team
Shannon Peters, Pool Manager
Alex Cruz, Assistant Pool Manager
Karen Hill, Front Desk Manager
Malcolm Ward, Snack Bar Manager
Kaitlynn Devitt, Assistant Snack Bar Manager
Ann Caldwell, Swim Team Coach
Maurielle Stewart, Assistant Swim Team Coach
Bill Barnes, Tennis Pro
Chris Furnkranz, Groundskeeper

Members are able to link to the Jonas Self-Service Portal Guide by clicking here.